FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • B/A - Am I allowed to add drop in days the first week of school? The first day of a new month?

    Unfortunately, drop in days are not permitted the first week of school.  There are no drop in days for the first day of before and after care in a new month either.  The first day of a new month must be submitted on the due date of the calendars/schedules.

  • B/A - Can I bank unused days?

    You cannot save unused days. If your child is absent from school, you are still responsible to pay for childcare. The only credits you will receive for child care is if the school is closed due to inclement weather. If child care is open and you choose not to send your child to school you are still responsible for that payment.

  • B/A - Can I register my child if I only need child care for a few days during the year?

    You may register your child but you are NOT guaranteed a spot. If there is an opening your child will be able to attend. If there is no room for your child to attend and the site is at its maximum then, unfortunately, your child will not be able to attend.

  • B/A - Do I have to pay a registration fee every year?

    No, you do not. You only pay once per immediate family. 

  • B/A - Do I have to pay monthly or can I pay weekly?

    You can pay weekly if you prefer. The payment must be made by the Friday morning before the week you plan on having your child attend and the calendar should be submitted on the Thursday before. This gives us the opportunity to invoice you on Friday and pay your invoice on Friday. You may also pay monthly. The calendar will be available 2 weeks before the start of the new month.

  • B/A - Do you accept DSS financial assistance?

    Yes, we do. You must contact your caseworker and fill out the necessary paperwork. You are responsible to make sure it is kept up to date or you will be responsible for the full payments.

  • B/A - How can I add an additional day to my calendar that was already submitted?

    Please be advised that in order to add an additional day, you must provide at least (1) business days' notice in order to be approved, and you must have an approved contract.

    To make schedule changes log onto your  Eleyo account –  and

    Follow these steps.

    • a)Click on Explore All Programs in the upper right-hand corner
    • b)Click on View Your Dashboard
    • c)Click on Your Accounts – PM Schools #
    • d)Select the Contract under Current and Upcoming Contracts – your child’s name
    • e)Click on the Change Schedule button on the left
    • f)Click on the calendar to add the dates to the schedule. (You may not delete any dates)
    • g)Click on “Submit Contract Schedule Changes”

    You will receive an email confirmation with the schedule change once the schedule is

    approved. Please check the email confirmation and make sure the schedule change is correct.

  • B/A - How can I authorize additional people to pick up my child?

    Your child will be released only to the authorized pickup people listed on your family PMSchools account on Eleyo. If you would like to add an additional person to the list:

    • Logon to your  PMSchools Eleyo account
    • Point to Explore all Programs and select View Your Dashboard. Select your PMSchools account listed under Your Account.
    • Select the Manage Authorized Pickups button under Account Management.
    • Select Add Authorized Pickup under your child’s name to add a pick-up.
    • Select the Remove button to remove an authorized pick-up person.
  • B/A - How can I fill out a calendar if I don't have a computer?

    You can access your account through a smartphone or tablet. There are also parent/student computers available at the Family Service League located within Saxton Middle School: 121 Saxton Street Patchogue. 

  • B/A - How can I register two children who attend two different child care sites?

    When you register your children it will ask you which school your children will attend for before or After Care. 

  • B/A - How do I add a new month?

    1) Go to your Eleyo account 2) Select Account management 3) In the box that says Current and Upcoming Contract, click on the arrow next to the green rectangle that says Ends Sept:  4) Select schedule change  5) Select the dates you need for Before Care "or" Before and After Care "or" After Care.  Do not choose all three.  6) Then select submit or continue.  This depends on the type of computer you are using or if you are using an iphone.

    Once you have sumbitted the schedule change ( new month) you will get an approval letter and then you will receive an invoice.  The invoice MUST be paid by the due date. We will not call or email to remind you to make the payment.  If you do not make the payment your child will not be able to attend child care until it is paid.  

    If you have any questions please call the Child Care office at 631-687-8105.

  • B/A - How do I know what my rate of pay is? Where can I find the free/reduced/regular pay application for lunch?

    We will use your rate of pay from last year until the Middle of October. You must fill out a new lunch application each year. If you don’t fill out a new one then your rate will be changed from a free or reduced to the paid rate. If you haven’t filled out the application yet, it will be available by the middle of August. Please get your acceptance letter to us with the rate of pay, as soon as you get it. We will then make any adjustments to your account.

  • B/A - How do I print my tax statement?

    Tax statements for Child Care are available after January 1st. Use the Download Tax Information button from the Account Management Tools on the left to obtain a copy of the tax statement.

  • B/A - How will I be invoiced and how do I pay?

    • As soon as register you will need to fill out a calendar, a 2 days per month minimum, and submit payment at that time. Payment is always needed at the time of registration, when you fill out a new calendar, or if you add any days to an existing calendar. If your payment is declined or returned your child may not return to child care until your balance is paid in full.  
    • For any drop in days the calendar must be submitted 24 business hours prior and your invoice paid, by the due date, before your child can attend the drop in days you requested.  They will be denied entrance to child care if  you did not pay your invoice.
  • B/A - How will I know if there is an emergency closing?

    Patchogue-Medford utilizes an automated calling system to inform parents of important messages including delayed openings, early releases, and school closures. You can also check the Patchogue-Medford School District website at www.pmschools.org for information. 

  • B/A - Is there a minimum amount of days my child must attend in order to register for child care?

    You must register for a minimum of two days per month. If you need to register on an as needed basis you may do so but there is no guarantee on acceptability. If there is room at your site you will be able to make use of the program. If there is no availability, unfortunately, your child will not be able to attend.

  • B/A - What are the rates I will be paying for my children to attend Child Care for the 2019-2020 school year?

    Below are rates for the 2019-2020 School Year. 

    Before School Daily Rate
    Family Income Number of Children in Program

    1 2 3
    Free Lunch Recipient $ 6.86 $ 8.87 $ 10.76
    Reduced Lunch Recipient $ 9.88 $13.09 $ 16.63
    All Others $12.30 $17.41 $ 22.40
    After- School Daily Rate
    Family Income Number of Children in Program

    1 2 3
    Free Lunch Recipient $ 6.86 $ 8.87 $ 10.76
    Reduced Lunch Recipient $11.53 $15.62 $ 18.86
    All Others $13.86 $20.85 $ 27.73
    Before and After- School Daily Rate
    Family Income Number of Children in Program

    1 2 3
    Free Lunch Recipient $ 10.31 $13.30 $ 16.13
    Reduced Lunch Recipient $16.06 $21.55 $ 26.60
    All Others $19.62 $28.69 $ 37.60
    (These rates are discounted 25% for participation in both programs)
  • B/A - What do the children do in Before and After Care?

    The children have the opportunity to socialize with friends by playing games, playing with toys, participating in physical activity in the gym or outside and making crafts or drawing. They also have the opportunity to do their homework in the afternoon. A snack is given at Before Care and After Care.

  • B/A - What happens if I can't pick my child up by 6:15PM?

    Pick up is no later than 6:15 PM. Charges of $5.00 per quarter hour will automatically be charged to your account. After a third late pick up your child can be terminated from the program.

  • B/A - What if my child is absent due to illness, can I receive a refund or credit?

    Unfortunately, there are no refunds or credits for illness unless your child is absent from school for more than 3 days and you can provide a physician’s note.

  • B/A - What precautions are taken with children that have allergies?

    There is a question on the registration form pertaining to allergies. It’s very important that you fill this out correctly. Our foods do not contain peanuts. If there are certain foods your child is not able to have please note it on the application and please discuss this with your group leader.

  • B/A - What types of snacks are served? Is it possible for my child to bring his/her own snack?

    Before and After Care serves whole grain snacks, fruits, and vegetables, yogurt, string cheese, etc. Yes, your child may bring his/her own snack.

  • B/A - Where is Child Care held?

    Child Care is held at each of the seven elementary schools within the Patchogue-Medford School District. Your child must attend child care at his/her home school. 

  • B/A - Will I have access to my calendar if I need to check on what dates I have signed up for?

    You will always have access to your account and may check it whenever you would like. 

  • B/A - Will my child have the opportunity to do his/her homework?

    Absolutely! If your child has homework they will have an opportunity to work on it during After Care. 

  • B/A- What if I only need before care but once in a while I need after care can I do that?

    If you sign up for before care you will only have a before care contract.  If you sign up for after care you will only have an after care contract.  If you would like both you must submit a minimum  of two days for the before and after contract each month.  If you don't  pay for two days each month your contract will be withdrawn.

  • SUM - How do I know that my child will be safe at the camp?

    Once children are dropped off at the camp they are under the constant supervision of the camp counselors. All staff are Patchogue-Medford employees, whose background have been checked. Children are required to wear the Patchogue-Medford Summer Recreation red tee shirt included in the cost of the registration so that the summer camp personnel can easily identify them. Our staff is required to wear blue staff shirts so the children can recognize them when we are out and about. At the end of the day, or if your child is released by the Nurse, children are not released into the custody of anyone other than the parent/guardian or the person(s) whose name(s) parents designated on the application. All adults coming to pick up a child MUST have picture identification. In addition, a security guard is on staff the entire time camp is in session.

  • SUM - Is the cost of the field trips included and should I send my child with money for the gift shop?

    The costs of all field trips are included in the tuition. Please do not send your child with additional money, as we will not be visiting the gift shops.

  • SUM - What about if my child needs to use the restroom while on a trip?

    Please inform your child that a counselor must accompany him/her whenever using a restroom. Children will not be allowed to go to the restroom without a counselor.

  • SUM - What about water and other refreshments?

    We encourage you to send your child with a water bottle with his/her name clearly marked. No liquid other than water may be brought into the classrooms.

  • SUM - What else should my child bring to camp each day?

    Each day that your child is going swimming, send your child with a bathing suit and a towel clearly labeled with their name. Make sure the bathing suit is easy for your child to get on and off. Spray on sunscreen and a hat to wear on field trips is a good idea. Children must wear closed- toed athletic footwear. No flip-flops!

  • SUM - What happens if I cannot arrive by 6:15 p.m. to pick up my child?

    Pick up is no later than 6:15 p.m. Charges of $5.00 per quarter hour will be incurred for any child that is left beyond that time. After a third late pick up your child will be terminated from the program.

  • SUM - What happens if my child has on emergency or gets sick while at camp?

    There is a Registered Nurse on staff during the hours when camp is in session. If your child becomes ill while at camp we will contact you. If you should need to contact the nurse while camp is in session the direct line is (631) 687-8111.

  • SUM - What if my child wants to have something else for lunch?

    Yogurt is always served as an alternate for lunch as is cold cereal for breakfast. There is a variety of snacks served in the afternoon. You may elect to send your child with additional food. Keep in mind there is no refrigeration available for bag lunches.

  • SUM - What is the pricing for the 2019 Summer Recreation program?

    The full day rate is $393.00 per week.  This includes breakfast, lunch, snack and all of the trips. 

    The half day rate is $291 per week.  This includes lunch and all of the trips.

  • SUM - What meals will be served?

    Breakfast, Lunch and Snack in the afternoon will be served to all full day campers. The half-day campers will have lunch. All meals are included in the price of the tuition. A menu will be available prior to the start of camp and posted on our website. Fresh fruit and salad are available on the lunch tables every day and served family style.

  • SUM - What should my child NOT bring to camp?

    Children should not wear jewelry or bring valuables of any kind. Toys that are not allowed at the camp are the same that are banned from the normal school day. We are not responsible for lost or missing items.

  • SUM - What should my child wear to camp each day?

    For safety reasons, your child must wear a camp tee shirt every day. We will provide camp shirts to the children on the first day of camp. One shirt will be provided for each child attending a half-day session and two shirts for children attending a full day session. For your convenience, you may purchase extra shirts at a cost of $8.00 per shirt. Should your child forget to wear his/her camp shirt, we will provide him/her a replacement shirt and the parent will be billed $8.00. This bill must be paid before the child can enter camp the next day. Under no circumstances will children be allowed to participate in camp without the identifying shirt.

  • SUM - Why is my child on the WAIT LIST for Summer Enrichment?

    There are two reasons your child could be on the wait list:

    1) Everyone that signs up for a class will automatically be put on the wait list.  When the class has the minimum number of students registered those children will be taken off the wait list until the maximum number is received.  When your child is removed from the wait list you will recieve an email approval and your account will be charged.

    2) If the class has reached the maximum number of students in the class your child will be put on the wait list.  You will be notified and given the opportuntiy to choose another class that has openings in your child's grade level.

  • SUM - Will my child be in the hot summer sun all day?

    As you can see from our daily schedule we have both indoor and outdoor activities planned. However, there are activities in which your child will be exposed to the sun. Therefore, we recommend applying sunscreen on your child before he/she arrives and to pack a bottle of spray sunscreen that he/she can apply later in the day.

  • SUM - Will my child be safe in the pool?

    We will go swimming every day, weather permitting, at the the Town of Brookhaven Centereach Pool and at the Holtsville Pool. The Town of Brookhaven certified lifeguards oversee the pools. The Patchogue-Medford Summer Recreation Program employs a certified lifeguard and/or our Group Leaders have completed CPR for Healthcare Provider (CPR and AED). Children will be expected to observe the rules for pool safety at all times. If they do not, they will have their pool privileges suspended. All students will be limited to chest deep in the pool.

  • SUM- How do I add another week to the Summer Recreation program?

    You can always add additional weeks to the Summer Recreation program.  You will have to go into your Eleyo account, click on Summer Recreation.  Then  choose the week you would like to add.  Once it's approved and you receive the invoice , you will need to pay the invoice by the due date.  Your payment must be received before your child attends.

  • SUM- When does the 2019 Summer Recreation program begin and end?

    This year the Summer Recreation program will begin on July 1st and end on August 9th.

Still have questions?

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